Get Paid Through Mpesa Using Whmcs Module


1. Supports STK Push
2. No need to enter verification code, the payment is validated on clicking verify
2. Real time processing
3. The transaction is indicated on the payment page
4. Allows Multiple payments
5. If payments done offline the payment can be validated later
6. If the amount paid by the customer exceeds, the balance is balance is added to the client's balance
7. The payment instructions are well displayed on payment page


1. After download extract the zipped folder to your WHMCS installation folder
2. Login to your Admin page and a Navigate to Payments > Payments Gateways
3. Click the tab All Payment Gateways
4. Click Kavatec Mpesa to activate the payment gateway
5. Enter your paybill number or Till Number
6. Get your license from kavatec
7. Fill consumer key, secret key, passkey

8. Go live

NB Everything it's automated on our client portal

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